By Flotz
12 Dec 2010

Top Five For 2010

  • Orchestraville – Invent The Machine/Poison Berries.  These two records are amazing.  They keep on giving the more I listen.  The production is outta hand, the songwriting impeccable. The more I listen to Invent The Machine, the more I am enamored.  ‘Annual Clearance’ is choice. And different tracks on Poison Berries keep surfacing, discoveries made upon repeat listens.
  • Speak – Speak. Tons of great jazz in Seattle this year, as even recognized by The New York Times. The Flotzam interview with Cuong Vu was just the beginning of discovering much jazz to be had here. Check out some samples from Vu’s band, Speak.
  • Guided By Voices Reunion Tour – Take your pick from a bunch of epic shows, all recorded with great fidelity from the Don’t Stop Now band.
  • The Mommyheads – Finest Specimens – Listen here: http://www.dromedary-records.com/streams/the-mommyheads/finest-specimens/player.html  -- Best of The Mommyheads!
  • Parson Red Heads  - Randomly stumbled on this band and fell for them.

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