By Flotz
14 Dec 2010

Badly Drawn Boy at The Triple Door December 13 2010

Did bear witness to Badly Drawn Boy. The squib on the bill at The Triple Door dubbed him a “narcoleptic slacker.”  He exceeded expectations.  Don’t know if he was having a really off night or if his standard performance schtick is filled with self-deprecation, aborted songs, and overall bitterness. The whole experience set the bar for a folk show train wreck.  Some direct quotes – not makin this up – swear!




  • “This song is from a b side. It’s shit.  All b sides are shit. Simple equation.”
  • “Bear with me guys. I’m just trying to make it through the show.”
  • “What time is it?”
  • “Tonight is a disaster.  Maybe I should just quit and leave now.”
  • “Someone get me a jack and coke!”
  • “Maybe it’s cause I’m so excited to be in Seattle I shot my wad before I got on stage.”
  • “Don’t you know the rulebook for the audience? If you want me to keep playing that song you have to clap more.”
  • “What time is it again?”
  • “Basically I don’t want to be here.”
  • “I hate these songs.”
  • “Sorry about that song. It was a bit long and boring. A pile of rubbish really.”
  • “Hey, you guys up front – are those the cheap seats because you are so close to me?”
  • “The pain is almost over.”
  • “I was really bored with that last solo. Don’t know about you.”
  • “What time is it?”

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