By Flotz
14 Jul 2009

Yak Ballz and Cage at Nectar July 13, 2009

Caught Yak Ballz and Cage at Nectar. Bummed cause missed the two home town openers, Rudy & the Rhetoric and Sadistik, because they started right at nine on the dime. What's up with that?  Shows starting at 9PM? Guess it was cause it was all ages. What, kids can't stay up late?


Yak Ballz was a good time.  How often do you get to shout "Yak Ballz!" with abandon in a club?  With a NYC accent? The beats were phat; the raps were tight.  Dag he's prolific, volumes of words emitted.  All his lyrics are posted.  He's all about the new media -- there's not a social media site he isn't on.

Lots of people seemed to be into Cage, knew the lyrics, sing along. Angry dirge rap, pretty slow beats, often around 80BPM, maybe 100, never more than 120.  He got pissed off when someone was taking a video and asked them to put it away -- "Fuck YouTube!"  Fired up, angry white man.

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