By Flotz
25 Jun 2009

Hidden Number at Nectar, Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Caught Hidden Number at Nectar as final act of a comedy show called Magical Heroine and Secrets of the Blue Moon which had some pretty off the hook comedians -- Dan Dan MacinTire going off on Back to the Future, Mauricio on Mexico, Jake Merriman on the Cheesecake Factory. 


Then Hidden Number took the stage in lab coats, with guitars, Korgs and a theremin. There is no simple verse-chrorus-bridge to their stuff:  every song was intricate and bounced between genres as it wound its way to its eventual conclusion.   Composed pastiche that rocked. Super smart. Loved it. Ending with an over-the-top cover of 'Don't Come Around Here No More'. 

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