By Flotz
24 Oct 2013

Singer-Songwriter Showcase Featuring - Annie Ford, MoZo and Strange Jerome at The Triple Door October 23 2013

showcaseThe Triple Door Musicquarium always good for a chill time on a Tuesday evening. They’ve got a tasty specialty beer on tap (the dark ale) and a fine limited wine (Confucius Sez) and some good eats. Meantime, up on stage, first act, really warm vocals, nice accompanying guitar/harmony, original tunes, think it was Strange Jerome paired down. Then Mozo who had folks out to support ‘em, drums and guitar, more of a folk pop feel, catchy. Then solo female performer, very quiet, intimate, not sure her name. Last was two folks, Annie Ford was one, pretty sure, again, paired down, just fiddle and banjo, playing mostly old timey stuff (“Poor House Now,” “Don’t Let That Deal Go Down”) great bluegrass harmonies, best part was they weren’t even mic’ed up, just playing unamplified to a small crowd, people into it, singing along.

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