By Flotz
04 Nov 2013

Moon Hooch, M. Doughty at The Neptune November 2 2013

moonhooch1-300x192Moon Hooch is #acousticEDM. Lotza energy, lotza fun.  Two saxophones holding it down. Novel sound, fresh, not like anything you’ve quite heard.  Drums big, almost always with that signature EDM beat, four on the floor, and then some big fills.  The saxes blended great, usually with one bass saxophone which held down the low end. Instruments filled the hall nicely, some wack delay effects on the saxophones that reverberated around quite tripped out. Can imagine them in a subway stop inciting raves which is where M. Doughty saw them. Or at the Knitting Factory.   Hope these guys keep finding an audience.

M. Doughty as three piece playing all Soul Coughing tunes. That’s rare apparently --great article/interview in Seattle Weekly that explains the dealo. Fans were out fer sure, happily dancing to all their fav Soul Coughing hits: “Super Bon Bon,” “True Dreams of Wichita,” “St. Louise Is Listening,” “Janine” and more. Cool arrangements, a little different on each one, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, turntables, keyboard, samplers, etc. Backing band was great: Catherine Popper on the upright bass, Pete Wilhoit on the drums. Songs found their groove and didn’t let up. But most of all it’s about his voice: it was phat in the mix and filled up the hall with his weird inflections, poetry slam cadence and signature quality. Fun show.

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