By Flotz
04 Dec 2012

McTuff Trio at Sea Monster Lounge Tuesday December 4 2012

Gold standard on a Tuesday, can’t go wrong with McTuff.  Started with an xmas carol, Good King Wenceslas God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. At some point the guitarist Andy Coe quoted the Star Wars theme. He’s such a melodic player. Can get lost in his lines. They played some originals and then busted out “Human Nature” from MJ.  Love the drummer Tarik Abouzied who tears it up and is the force that drives the band. He never lets up and accents around the beat whilst keeping the groove.  And of course Joe Doria who eschews a bass player for his own left hand. Only complaint is the new layout of the Sea Monster – miss the sofas. It’s good for them (more people, serving food, more business, more $$$) so makes sense, but selfishly bummed at the change.

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