By Flotz
24 Nov 2012

Garfunkel and Oates, Primo Kim at Snoqualmie Casino November 24 2012

Got hip to Garfunkel and Oates 3 years ago (here’s the proof). Saw that they were playing at the Snoqualmie Casino (!) and figured it’d be worth the trip.  It was.  Casino very nouveau riche in a Northwest way, weird really, especially the fact that you could smoke inside – forgot about that part of the casino scene. With 502 passing, assume you’ll be able to light up a fattie in the casino in couple days here.

After eating some super-sized sushi and having a Dan Savage celebrity sighting, sat at the piano bar with Primo Kim who let the standards rip – heck he studied with the same teacher as Barbara Streisand. Could’ve sat there a long time sipping cocktails, mesmerized watching the inner workings of the piano (it was a baby grand with a see through top) and lulled by Kim’s crooning.  But had a show to go to and was herded into the ballroom (had to dump cocktail into a plastic cup) where Savage introduced the duo, who lived up to expectations, performing their hits with amusing stage banter betwixt. Duck fucking homos, handjobs, weed cards, smug pregnant women, college experimental lesbians: their song topics read like comment spam.

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