By Flotz
08 Dec 2014

Marc Seales Trio At Tulas December 6 2014

Great show. Seales accompanied by guys that he’s been playing with for years: Chuck Dearborn on bass, Mark Eisler on drums. Caught the first two sets, missed the last one. Really well put together sets, a mix of Seales originals -- largely tunes he’d written for other people (Larry Coryell, etc.) and was now returning to, not having played, the trick of memory/nostalgia, returning to an old place and taking the audience with you. Where were you 25 years ago? Where are you now? Also, some “american standards” like Doobies “Takin It To The Streets” and James Taylor “Fire And Rain” (which he seems to love to play see this review) love that these guys play these tunes, interpret them, honor them. Also, jazz standards, “Prince of Darkness” by Wayne Shorter and also Dave Brubeck’s “In Your Own Sweet Way.”

Band so on it, able to create such dynamism, from the softest to the loudest, with such ease. Seales always fun to watch, charismatic, his enjoyment of playing is infectious. His lines so tasteful, never overplays but doesn’t hesitate to show his hand(s).   Chuck Dearborn killing it on the electric fretless. And Mark Eisler, pushing the beat, playing around the beat, on the beat, groovin, nice. Great venue, choice show.

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