By Flotz
04 Nov 2014

Industrial Revelation, Poor Rende Vu at EMP November 2 2014

Packed show at the Sci-Fi museum theater. Opening trio of professor jazz masters great to see.  The three building these emotive soundscapes, evocative and poignant. Vu’s got the coolest tone and attack and Poor enunciations prolific. Rende providing bass resonance on the bottom and so much weird harmonic foundations. First two tunes were Poor’s, then one by Rende that had the craziest head and then a Vu tune to close it out. The three guys play together so well and sounded so good in that space, filling every crevice, semi psychedelic lighting in the background. Interviewed Cuong Vu four year’s ago on Flotzam btw.

Industrial Revelation a different jam. Some tunes had a real old timey feel, almost 20s, 30s with the straight up beats of D’Vonne Lewis and and the lines Evan Flory-Barnes.  Josh Rawlings with some killer solos, crazy wah wah effects on his organ.   Ahamefule J. Oluo fun to watch, fired up player.  Love how they are just outside forms. You know where you are but then they toy with things.  Get some killer grooves going.

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