By Flotz
12 Dec 2011

Top Ten for 2011

HumePenumbra. Dare you to sing along to this record. You want to, but you just can’t. How can they write such amazing songs that defy predictability listen after listen. The record doesn’t get old.  It is filled with drama, intelligence and craft. Love this band.  And the name is great too.

Hermit ThrushesMystery Ocean. These guys are great. Read the Flotzam review here. And interview here.

Never Not Funny Presents Rock Solid – Okay, this is a podcast and not an album, but goddamn it cracks me up. Check it out via iTunes or download the episodes here.

Wax FingersWax Fingers.  Again, fitting in that genre of avant pop, making music that challenges but not just for the sake of challenging.  Along with Hume and Hermit Thrushes, who have single handedly made me believe that avant pop is alive and well in 2011.  

Morning TeleportationExpanding Away. This album just continues to grow me. Read the Flotzam review here.

Jane’s AddictionThe Great Escape Artist. The second half of this record is off the hook.  Production is so lush.  A keeper for sure. Read review here.

Wye OakCivilian. Heartbreaking. Read the review here.

Kathryn CalderBright and Vivid. A really pretty record, lush, very feminine, but in a totally different way than Wye Oak. Read an interview about the record here.

Operation IDLegs. Local boys! Read the Flotzam review here.

Madlib Medicine Show #10: Black Soul – Officially this came out in 2010, but only just got hip to it, so including it. So good.

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