By Flotz
04 Nov 2010

Parson Red Heads, Avi Buffalo and The Head and The Heart at Neumos November 2 2010

It was the night of 3 part harmony at Neumos -- both The Parson Red Heads and The Head and The Heart belting out big vocal prettiness that filled the space. Two bands perfectly billed together -- if you like one, yr probably gonna like the other.

The Parson Red Heads with a big sound, catchy tunes.  At their best when harmonies kick in: they can really let loose with some pretty stuff. Makes ya wanna melt. Think they played a lot of new songs, which sounded good. Ended their set with a killer tune, not sure the name.  They also played "Punctual as Usual" which could be their hit single. You can catch them again at The High Dive on November 15th.

The Head and The Heart had a big draw. Lots of fans turned out. Seem to be getting bigger. Also with lovely three part harmonies. Acoustic guitars. Audience singing along clapping along. High volume of female fans methinks judging from crowd.

Love whoever is doing lighting at Neumos these days. Occasionally they blast out dry ice and then it gets bathed in red, all smoky and seductive.

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