By Flotz
05 Jun 2010

Simon, Mood Organ, Matt Shoemaker, Dave Abramson, Wally Shoup at The Josephine June 3, 2010

Caught a cool show at The Josephine.  Place was almost completely dark as a cat and dog wandered through the space.

I walked in on Wally Shoup/Dave Abramson -- Wally Shoup on sax whose melodic sensibility was wise.  Abramson was awesomely complimentary.  They were amazing and their non amplified sound filled The Josephine with an older sound.

Next was super ambient keyboard thing, I think it was Matt Shoemaker. It started with fuzzed out AM radio and then turned spectral and interior.  Managed to snag a comfy armchair during the set and zoned out as synth harmony enveloped the space.

Then came freaked out sax performance by Simon through about 8 different pedals. Most compositions started out with one line or riff without effects. Then, looping would start, digital delay, distortion, etc. as the sound was freaked out and ultimately overdriven into a scary sonic tunnel as the performer played into the amp. Included was spooky version of "Summertime".

Final act was Mood Organ. Very noisy and not very melodic.


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