By Flotz
13 Oct 2013

Pat Martino Trio plus Special Guest James Carter at Jazz Alley October 11 2013

Caught the second set on Friday night, pretty sparse crowd, but enough there to make it feel intimate.  Set was straight up bebop, head, solos, trading eights, head.  Drummer swung it hard, on the ride the whole time. Carter stole the show with gigantic solos, a lot to say in each one. Crazy fast at times, blistering as it were. Mostly on tenor sax, one song on soprano. Martino was also fast but more chill somehow, up and down the fret board in different positions, often modal, with a big fat tone, not much treble. Slipped into Wes Montgomery style octave playing too. Did one song solo, really pretty.  No bassist, that was covered by organ, which was encased in wood, again lending to the warm tone of the backing band.  Last tune may have been the best, Sonny Rollin’s Oleo, they killed it.

Worth seeing these guys on Saturday or Sunday…Martino is a legend and worth checking out…

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