By Flotz
13 Nov 2011

Kathryn Calder at The Mix November 12 2011

Caught Kathryn Calder at The Mix in Georgetown on the last stop of her tour.  Hearing these songs live, you are reminded how catchy her songs are. She write pop very much in the tradition of The New Pornographers. Yes, if you like that band, you’ll like Kathryn Calder – she’s definitely following in that vein of Canadian indie pop.  Her voice sounded great; it was dominant in the mix, as it should be. She started out playing a tele and then switched to keyboard for the remainder of the show. Played with her eyes shut mostly, her foot tapping to the music, occasionally peeking out at the crowd, but seemed intent on internal evocation.  Can’t remember exact set list, but it featured all the pop songs from her two records, no covers. She’s got this one song “Who Are You” which always makes me think of The Who’s song of the same name.  Backing band knew their stuff.   Satisfying show.

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