By Flotz
12 May 2011

Hidden Number, Smooth Sailing, Ocelot Omelet and Kled at The Comet Tavern May 5 2011

Raucous night at The Comet (as are most nights at The Comet) starting with Kled – http://reverbnation.com/kled, but only caught the last song and a half, which involved chanting USA, drummer in a grandma dress. Which inspired recounting of Obama/Osama joke about the black man who shot the elderly guy with dialysis.

Ocelot Omelet was next. That drummer wasn’t in a grandma dress but was freaky nonetheless.  Kept it creepy.  Chick doing interpretive dance up front (later doing interpretive dance by the bar during Smooth Sailing). 

Hidden Number next, their vinyl release show, playing their cerebral stew of composition, including Theremin of course and plenty of wack time signatures alongside occasional anthem rock. Killer video footage of ship at sea bashing into big ass waves, Orca whales eating seals. 

Last up was Smooth Sailing who garnered the biggest crowd, most of which head-banging to their metal. Cool lighting, cool sound. Headbanger’s ball y’all!

Sweet artwork on the new record by Hidden Number.  Ask nicely and you’ll get special Hidden Number multi-sided die when you buy the record:


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