By Flotz
08 Nov 2015

Ed Reed & Anton Schwartz play Hartman and Coltrane at Tula’s November 6 2015

Love shows like this: where amazing players unite for a unique moment, a configuration never been heard before and perhaps never will again.   Ed Reed was awesome, had a Bay area vibe about him, singin the standards off that Hartman/Coltrane record plus other standards, him delivering the lyrics with authority. And, Anton Schwartz, who organized the event, provided a great compliment to Reed.

Not kidding when they said a “particularly fine rhythm section” in the blurb: Dawn Clement, piano; Michael Glynn, bass; and D’Vonne Lewis, drums. The three were really in tune on these cuts, esp Clement and Lewis, wonder if they’ve played together before? Prob, this town aint that big. Love hearing/watching Lewis, what a drummer.

They did all the cuts off the record plus other standards like “Body and Soul” and “Something I Dreamed Last Night.”  Really cool how Schwartz refracted Reed’s singing, yeah, Schwartz found a ton of nice lines. Reed took a couple breaks and the band got to open up on some other Coltrane tunes, like “Cousin Mary.”  

Side note: what’s the deal with Tula’s? Love that space and hope them and Shorty’s can stave of demolition. 

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