By Flotz
15 Feb 2013

Dave Peck Trio At Tula’s February 15 2013

Caught the last set of Dave Peck Dave Peck Trio with Chuck Deardorf on bass and Eric Eagle on drums.  So tasteful, super melodic playing on the keys, straight up jazz, drummer trading eights and fours at the end of each tune, bassist getting a chance to shine, taxis driving by outside, Belltown doing its Friday night Belltown thing and inside Tula’s yr transported. Bet the first two sets were equally lovely.

Cool write up about the history of Tula’s here – owner is Elliot “Mack” Waldron (like the island) who was a big band leader in the navy.  Thus all the big band action at Tula’s – well also cause 17 players bring in a bigger crowd than a trio. The economics of entertainment.

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