By Flotz
28 Oct 2010

DJ Shadow at The Showbox October 26, 2010

Big crowd for DJ Shadow. In-your-face push of the DJ Shadow iPhone app before the show started. “Download me! Download me!” Like if you didn’t have the app you weren’t getting the full experience? The app is is basically a promotional vehicle to push tweets and facebook updates about DJ Shadow. And pics.

Once the show started, it was all about the Shadowsphere.


In fact, didn’t even see a human for the first 1/2 hour of the set. Like he just hit play.  Think a lot of the stuff were remixes of his stuff.  How post post pre post modern.  Go to show; listen to remixes; cheer at a sphere.  


The sphere trope was followed down all its logical paths. Hmm, what to project on a sphere?  Planets! Basketballs! Discoballs! The Deathstar!


Eventually the wizard behind the curtain appeared in his sphere.  Wearing a shirt that said “Support Weird.” Played new stuff. No vinyl; all digital. The beats were blocky in the new stuff, anti-dub.


Welcome to 2010.

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