By Flotz
23 Jan 2014

Crooks On Tape, Half Kingdom at The Crocodile Café January 21 2014

Was a big Enon fan back in the day, so had to go check out John Schmersal’s latest incarnation at the Croc.  Very Enon-like really, although even less of a pop hook. Lots of effects, crazy set up, including Ableton Live, vocal synthesizer, a rack of strange keyboards, pedals galore. Schmersal played bass mostly, only on guitar a little bit. Lee got some strange sounds out of his many keyboards. Drummer was tight and the sound overall was angular, crisp.  Best quote was Schmersal: “We are the only surveillance-core band in the world.”

Opening was Half Kingdom, some nice building climactic songs. They were young compared to the 40 something crew that was Crooks On Tape and the smattering of Enon/Brainiac fans that were there in attendance. Oh and everything went down in the back bar of the Croc, which worked for the number of people that were on hand.

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