By Flotz
11 May 2014

Crack Sabbath At Darrell’s Tavern May 9 2014

Had always seen the name but never seen the act, so busted up to the “North Country” in Shoreline for Crack Sabbath. Great show. Loud. Skerik shredded on the sax with some seriously tricked out effects, including a one where he could play chords. And some other pedals that compressed and freaked the fuck out of his sound. Just read his Wikipedia page, damn.

They played some great covers, including “Misirlou” (Dick Dale, Pulp Fiction), “Good Times Bad Times” (Zep of course) and the James Bond theme song. Vocalist joined them for some tracks, dude tore it up with operatic hardcore, great front man, bustin it out, super entertaining, on one tune chanting MAKIN BACON over and over. Drummer “straight outta Bremerton” with a jazz composition. Ended first set with funk jam that segued into doom metal and back again. 

Fun show. Love genre bending shit like this.

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