By Flotz
20 Oct 2017

Christian McBride at Jazz Alley October 19, 2017

Stellar show to a packed, appreciative house, celebrating Ray Brown. Lots of tunes, lots of stories as each player had a go with the mic to tell stories about Brown and one another, classic jazz anecdote style. The playing was great, a clinic pretty much on grace & taste. Started with the tune "The Summer Wind" then a Dizzy Gillespie tango tune that Benny Green lit up on with this two handed octave solo technique. Next was "Tenderly" and wow did they play it tenderly. Then a Ray Brown tune called "FSR" which is For Sonny Rollins. Then a Miles tune. Then they played "Lil Darlin" by Basie as arranged by Ray Brown. So super tasteful. Love that tune. You could tell these guys have played together many times; in fact, McBride commented on the crazy number of records he and Lewis Nash were on together. They were telepathic as a bass/drum duo. Then they did "You Are My Sunshine" and jammed out on that. Ended with two Ray Brown tunes, the final a blues called Captain Hill. Great show. 

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