By Flotz
29 Oct 2011

Interview With Infected Mushroom


INFECTED MUSHROOM_Greg Watermanns Infected Mushroom (check out crazy Adobe Flash mechano-shrooms on their website!) are part of the rave jamboree that is Freaknight this weekend in Seattle. Got a chance to ask them a few questions:

1. What buzzword term do you feel most aligned with: psybient? psydub? psychedelic trance? something else?


2. How do you balance tension between conforming to a genre and pushing a genre?

Well, you don’t. You just do what you do. The natural evolution of what you do is hopefully a “pushing” of the genre. The only question is whether dance floors will like it and fortunately for us, they have.

3. You've been doing a lot of collaborations lately. Can you talk a little about some of the folks you've worked with and how's that's gone?

We have been really fortunate to work with some of the people who have influenced us the most. Paul Oakenfold, of course, was a big help to us on the last album. He also did a remix for us. We also worked with Jonathan Davis from Korn who did vocals on Smashing the Opponent, as well as Perry Ferrell from Jane’s Addiction, who did the vocals for Killing Time.Besides the album, we have been working with Matisyahu a lot lately. Our remix of his track One Day was number one in Israel. We look forward to many more cool collaborations in the future.

4. How does your classical training influence your compositions?

Well it is clear. Our tracks make reference to a lot of cool scales and melodies ;)

5. Looks like you are on the road a lot --- what do you usually do between shows?

With the family (we both have little babies), and we work in the studio at night! Not too much spare time on our hands.

6. Have you played Seattle before?  If so, when and where? And what are you impressions of our city?

Oh yes, many times. We love Seattle – ALWAYS a good party. Besides that, a beautiful city!

7. Facebook or MySpace?


8. Apple or Microsoft?

Depends which one of us you ask ;) We produce music on a PC, but we both like Mac accessories.

9. SMS or email?

They both serve a purpose.

10. Blogs or magazines?


11. Nature or culture?

Not sure what you mean by this, but I’d have to say a little from “column A” and a little from “column B.”

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