Posted by admin on Tuesday, April 14, 2009 |

Caught some bands at the Showbox Green Room.


Blown away by austenitic from Seattle.  Just drums and bass, but not "drums and bass." Rather, explosive drummer outta control.  Singer fired up. Songs were amped, complicated, melodic, frenetic. Husker Du sticker on the bassist's amp, appropriate, as there was definitely an SST invocation, like Mike Watt and George Hurley on speed, 16th notes, 32nd notes, and overall non-stop. 

Best line of the night: "This one's called 'Dostoyevsky Whooped My Ass.' Don't read. It's bad for you. It makes you think." Could have been a Minutemen song title fer sure.  Love the rant on their MySpace page:

"there's a sound that's very popular at the moment. happily, we sound nothing like it. fuck you money. fuck you derivatives. fuck you radio (commercial radio! jesus, calm down already!) and all the wrong reasons. hello music for beauty. hello music for release. hello music because we simply have to."

Check out this YouTube video (although like most live videos it doesn't do justice to the force they wield.)

Them Hills, from Nevada City, California, was next. They had two guitarists, a big Marshall stack and a bunch of programmed drum tracks.  No bassist. 

Picked up a comp they are on: Dragon Slayers Vol. III by Thread Productions.   Bunch of great stuff on that comp. The Actionists with "Rats in the Baby Grand" was pretty choice, which is on their MySpace page.  Whole comp hung together well, sense of collective sincerity going on. And cool cover art by Jen Merrill:


Last up was By Sunlight.  Pretty guitars.