Posted by admin on Sunday, April 26, 2009 |

Arbitron opened with guitar noise feedback fuzzed out fat with layer after layer of extraction. Drum machine and bass.  Satisfaction.


Then a brief thing which wasn't REDNECK but rather someone subbing from Portland and the set was quick. Drench.

Next was NYC Dan Friel with XMAS lights illuminating his setup. Had a theremin sound going sometimes it was a major pentatonic chillout feelgood thing but then sometimes it got more heavy and hard with freakouts on the pedals deluxe and drum machine mania 32nd notes galore.


Then Oakland Chen Santa Maria more ambient texturific drone.

Sex Negative from Vancouver was next. They fuckin rocked. 

Ran outta gas so missed Totally Ripped. Here's another poster though:


Yep it's true three different posters for the show.