Posted by admin on Sunday, June 7, 2009 |

Camera Obscura was pop pleasure, sugar candy, romance nostalgia.  Check out this over-the-top sap video:

Great to hear her sing in the Showbox to a full house that was appreciative. Her voice is mesmerizing.  Could have gone for more of their upbeat stuff instead of the slow stuff, but what can ya do?

Agent Ribbons in fluorescent wear.  Fav moment of their set: violin lets loose while the guitarist tuned. Give the violinist some! They had some rockin stuff, some stuff that was more like theater or vaudeville or musicals or something.  Again, more rock por favor.

The Lonely Forest, Anacortes representing, now they had some rock.  Those guys have that NW power pop, sincere sound down. Rising stars.  Megan Selig sums them up pretty good here.