Posted by flotz on Tuesday, July 3, 2012 | Live Review

flyersingersongwriterThe Triple Door now doing singer-songwriter showcases in the Musicquarium lounge on Tuesday nights. Other than the giant pillar that sits right in front of the stage, it’s a great space for intimate singer songwriter stuff. Dig the giant aquarium.  Glad to see the Triple Door supporting the singer songwriter scene, giving folks a venue to play.

On this past Tuesday, first up was Beth Whitney accompanied by a standup bass player who added texture to her tunes, a Jaco Pastorius/Joni Mitchell vibe. She had some nice tunes, a sweet voice and a spry presence. Did a Dylan cover of “Make You Feel My Love.” Always thought that was a weird line.  Not sure it works.

Next was Susy Sundborg on the keys. Refreshing to hear the piano, so much more complex than folk guitar which tends to be limited to strumming major/minor triads whereas the piano lends itself to modulations, sharps/flats, inversions and generally more chordal nuance. She’s a facile piano player. Played one tune without vocals that was damned pretty.  Did a cover of a Christian rock anthem from the 90s ballad style.

Last up was Kate Lynne Logan, who was joined by a guy playing bass ukulele, straight up country style. He added some nice harmony too. She’s got an alt country thing going on with a real breathy voice.  Would be cool to hear them with a drummer.

You see some pics from the show by George Bentley here: