Posted by flotz on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 | Live Review

Awesome show, full house, standing ovation at the end. Chemistry was there between the players and the pieces flowed. Pulse always there, music flowing around it. Loved the drummer, Henry Cole, explosive, textural. Gerald Clayton on the keys was so tuneful, responsive, lyrical. Joe Sanders on bass (no shoes) was on his game, cool solo at the end where he sang with his solo. And Ben Wendel was a strong leader and inspiring soloist. They played 4-5 originals and one standard, I Loves You, Porgy, from Porgy and Bess of course.   Wendel's heads were easy to vibe and relate to. Good stuff.

Posted by flotz on Saturday, September 17, 2016 | Live Review

The classic trio set up with organ, guitar and drums sounding so right. Organ old school from the 60s, defining warm. Not sure the names of the other players; they were great. Burchett had chops and style.  Whole band swung.  Played “Misty” not sure of the other heads. Really good vibe. 

Was looking on Burchett’s website and looks like he plays with Max Holmberg, of the Beaver sessions fame, quite regularly. Small jazz world!

Posted by flotz on Monday, September 5, 2016 | Live Review

It was the usual cast of characters last night at the Angry Beaver – the Seattle jazz scene -- with one notable exception: Kamasi Washington was in the house.  In town for Bumbershoot, he and some of his fellow musicians were on hand and joined in at the end to play the Duke Ellington favorite “Caravan”, with the house band, also bringing up on stage the vocalist from his band, Patrice Quinn and the keyboardist, Brandon Coleman. Cool to see such internationally recognized talent hanging at the local jam session on a Sunday night.   As to be expected, Kamasi blew all over Caravan, as tenor saxophone players will do.  The rest of the evening was also full of great moments: an accordian player, tap dancing, a drummer who slayed “Footprints”, a great vocalist take on “East of the Sun and West of the Moon”, a funk session, the house band charging as always. 

Posted by flotz on Wednesday, March 30, 2016 | Live Review

Never thought Field Music would come to Seattle, but they did and a crowd of devoted fans were on hand. So good live. Wasn’t sure how their sound would translate from the records, but they had it dialed. Played the upbeat stuff and the sound was on point, super full for four musicians. (Props to the sound guys at the Croc, which has upheld its long standing reputation has always having great sound.) Cool how the two brothers, David and Peter, swapped between drums and guitar about every couple songs. Both hold their own on each instrument, clearly they have some bro-tuition. Their songs are so avant-pop, always keeping your ear interested, but keeping the groove. And the lyrics hit with these koan-like hooks like “its good to give yourself away.” Banter between songs was hilarious, witty and nice Brits for sure. Played a lot from the new record with some old gems for the fans in the house. Great show.

Missed Nolan Garrett. Caught part of Hazel English. They had a dreamy sound, reminiscent of The Sundays.

Posted by flotz on Thursday, February 11, 2016 | Live Review

Caught Mark Elf at Boxleys. He was backed by the house band. Did some originals and some standards, including “Caravan” by Ellington. Did this cool harmonic number where he played nothing but harmonics, pretty amazing. And lots of great lines, solos, sometimes super fast, sometimes slowed down. Lots of ideas.

Best line, when introducing the band, “And if you didn’t see the marquee, I’m the guitarist, Mark E.” Not the first time he’s used that line.