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Son Things in the fine tradition of indie rock. Keeping a torch burning for that certain sound, urgent yet restrained, sincere with a punch. Good tunes. Liking "Son Gone" on their MySpace page.

Dimples wrote these short songs, had a k punk thing going on, with stage banter and indie pop.  Kawaii.  That 50s drum beat.

Rad Touch was loud, like four times as loud as the other two bands. They were shredders, rock and roll.

The Monkey Pub, a fine Seattle institution.


Posted by flotzam on Saturday, May 2, 2009 | Live Review

Caught three of four bands at the High Dive on a low key Tuesday, April 28th:


Volifonix were funk from Eugene.  They were havin fun up there. Felt like college.

DSC_3137 DSC_3128

DSC_3127     DSC_3134

Guitar pedal board:


Then was The Color of East were next.  Definitely not funk but they were tight.  Lettin it all out:

DSC_3150 DSC_3160 DSC_3153

Then was Ghostship.  Some good riffs and jams. No drummer, but bassist had bass drum and snare drum with kick pedal and guitarist had high hat, so they had a sort of primitive drum sound beat that thumped along with the metronome-like syncopation to their blues. Both guys had chops. One had painted fingernails.

DSC_3163 DSC_3169

DSC_3166  DSC_3168

(All photos except flyer by Adam Forslund.)

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Arbitron opened with guitar noise feedback fuzzed out fat with layer after layer of extraction. Drum machine and bass.  Satisfaction.


Then a brief thing which wasn't REDNECK but rather someone subbing from Portland and the set was quick. Drench.

Next was NYC Dan Friel with XMAS lights illuminating his setup. Had a theremin sound going sometimes it was a major pentatonic chillout feelgood thing but then sometimes it got more heavy and hard with freakouts on the pedals deluxe and drum machine mania 32nd notes galore.


Then Oakland Chen Santa Maria more ambient texturific drone.

Sex Negative from Vancouver was next. They fuckin rocked. 

Ran outta gas so missed Totally Ripped. Here's another poster though:


Yep it's true three different posters for the show.

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Caught some bands at the Showbox Green Room.


Blown away by austenitic from Seattle.  Just drums and bass, but not "drums and bass." Rather, explosive drummer outta control.  Singer fired up. Songs were amped, complicated, melodic, frenetic. Husker Du sticker on the bassist's amp, appropriate, as there was definitely an SST invocation, like Mike Watt and George Hurley on speed, 16th notes, 32nd notes, and overall non-stop. 

Best line of the night: "This one's called 'Dostoyevsky Whooped My Ass.' Don't read. It's bad for you. It makes you think." Could have been a Minutemen song title fer sure.  Love the rant on their MySpace page:

"there's a sound that's very popular at the moment. happily, we sound nothing like it. fuck you money. fuck you derivatives. fuck you radio (commercial radio! jesus, calm down already!) and all the wrong reasons. hello music for beauty. hello music for release. hello music because we simply have to."

Check out this YouTube video (although like most live videos it doesn't do justice to the force they wield.)

Them Hills, from Nevada City, California, was next. They had two guitarists, a big Marshall stack and a bunch of programmed drum tracks.  No bassist. 

Picked up a comp they are on: Dragon Slayers Vol. III by Thread Productions.   Bunch of great stuff on that comp. The Actionists with "Rats in the Baby Grand" was pretty choice, which is on their MySpace page.  Whole comp hung together well, sense of collective sincerity going on. And cool cover art by Jen Merrill:


Last up was By Sunlight.  Pretty guitars.

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Caught Umber Sleeping and The Camellias at Cafe Venus/Mars Bar on Friday.  The Camellias are indie-rock big band thang with a great keys player who bounces around and rips some happy-go-lucky solos. Check him out:

DSC_2645 DSC_2668 DSC_2671

The rest of the crew serves it up. Here's a shot of the singer, crooning, and the drummer, banging:


DSC_2663 DSC_2680

Umber Sleeping had a great new wave psych thing going on. Hypnotic. No bass but that was okay. The Korg made up for it.  Sounded right on. Got out of the seat and in front to absorb sound waves. Live sound is a lot different than the tunes on their MySpace page.  Check out the 70s-o-rific album art:


(All photos except umber sleeping album cover by Adam Forslund.)