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Caught Hidden Number at Nectar as final act of a comedy show called Magical Heroine and Secrets of the Blue Moon which had some pretty off the hook comedians -- Dan Dan MacinTire going off on Back to the Future, Mauricio on Mexico, Jake Merriman on the Cheesecake Factory. 


Then Hidden Number took the stage in lab coats, with guitars, Korgs and a theremin. There is no simple verse-chrorus-bridge to their stuff:  every song was intricate and bounced between genres as it wound its way to its eventual conclusion.   Composed pastiche that rocked. Super smart. Loved it. Ending with an over-the-top cover of 'Don't Come Around Here No More'. 

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Trip Audrey unplugged at The Josephine. First a guest appearance by BH going back to some old stuff from Pilar like 'mrs jones' and 'to the lake' from Noisy Midas.  Then they played a song about Dick Cheney working in the mines, in harmony. Last, they played some songs in Russian that were adaptations/interpretations of Pushkin poems.

Next, Psoy, rockin the Casio with Russian/Yiddish folk songs. He sang a great song about pizza backed by Trip Audrey's drummer.


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The John's Guerrilla from Japan were rad:


Lead singer in foppish Hendrix-like digs with scarf and bell bottoms. And did it up, put on a show.  Howlin and flailin about. Making restraint in rock'n'roll look as sad as it is.   Last song was this epic number with about 12 different parts that was high theater.  Big Marshall's filled up the club. This weird refraction of rock that rocked. They are from Shibuya in Tokyo on their US tour. Dug it.

Then, The Wildcat Choir, just guitar and bass drums, cool stuff. Some rockin tunes.  Their MySpace page has tracks from their rehearsals, sounds good.  Like this flyer too:


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Camera Obscura was pop pleasure, sugar candy, romance nostalgia.  Check out this over-the-top sap video:

Great to hear her sing in the Showbox to a full house that was appreciative. Her voice is mesmerizing.  Could have gone for more of their upbeat stuff instead of the slow stuff, but what can ya do?

Agent Ribbons in fluorescent wear.  Fav moment of their set: violin lets loose while the guitarist tuned. Give the violinist some! They had some rockin stuff, some stuff that was more like theater or vaudeville or musicals or something.  Again, more rock por favor.

The Lonely Forest, Anacortes representing, now they had some rock.  Those guys have that NW power pop, sincere sound down. Rising stars.  Megan Selig sums them up pretty good here.

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Saw a bunch of bands at the Funhouse

Blank Its 
Smoke Jumper
Watch it Sparkle
The Camellias
Howlin' Houndog 

No pics or flyer but you can watch it On Demand via Comcast -- weird. They were there filming for "Battle of the Bands" not sure exactly what the battle was. Lotsa bright lights and cameras -- too bright, not right in the Funhouse.

Nonetheless, despite the lights, Camellias sounded tight and then Watch It Sparkle tore it up.  Missed some of the other bands for Funhouse bball, but then caught SpinalCracker. There was some modest moshing for that.  

Gotta love the way they pour at the Funhouse.