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Off the hook jazz. Drummer was amazing.  Jazz drummers are from another planet. Soulful compositions. 

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The Grates were great -- ah gee that's a cop out of a line. Pop punk extraordinaire. Ribbon dance! Charisma! Aussie song banter! Professional!  Or not!

Then Those Darlins.  "Take off all your clothes and leave your boots on!  Save that for later!"  Thumpin' American style. Covering VU and The Who in one set, now that's bold. 

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Manos De Plata at the High Dive.  Dynamic sound as songs crescendo'd with bravado.  Drummer with nice moments and syncopation.  Songs down tempo to start and redemptive to end.  Song structure not entirely predictable.  Half Light more predictable than Manos, less risky, but still good. 


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Shoe gazing is back, or maybe it never left.  C'est La Mort and LSD and the Search For God had guitars that shimmered and blazed, while basslines held it all together.  Put the vocals through layers of reverb and the sound is complete.  Hypatia Lake were more riff-centric with occasional explorations into noise. 

What's up with all the dollar bills on the ceiling of The Comet?

Which poster wins the dueling poster battle? 



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Saw Austenitic the other night at The Fun House and confirmed suspicions from the first time I saw them: Kelly Mynes is the best drummer in Seattle. Completely mind blowing watching his performance.  He's fierce.  Technically unbelievable, not just mad chops but musically creative and always paired with what Ross Martin is laying down on bass. If they only played out more frequently so I could watch, jaw agape, as they rip through their set. 

They played with Ninja Academy, who were similar with a bass in your face two man set up, in ninja outfits no less, and with a third ninja who occasionally took the floor swirling and jumping about brandishing ninja weapons.  Oddest moment was their cover of Radiohead's Idiotech, which really worked, I gotta say.